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The sights I see around me

The sights I see around me
Of shock and fear and fright
Of people hiding in their shells
Afraid to touch the night

To spend ones life in hiding
Is not a way to live
One’s life should be spent striving
To find the world and give.

Experience each night and day
The highlights and the lows
Nature shows us all the way
Without a thorn there is no rose.



My life turned left but Destiny turned right.

A busy day

A busy day, an active day
A day like any other
A day I try to hurry through
‘Cos where not with each other.

I long for hours in your arms
To whisper in your ear
The words that make you smile or squirm
That show I’m glad you’re here

A ray of light

A ray of light floods through the door

A shining wondrous thing

It warms the hearts of all around

And makes the senses ring.

A ray of love to capture me

To hold me in its thrall

A ray of love I’ll not neglect

But treasure ever more.

You are the sights and sounds of love

Its source and inspiration

The thought of you can see me through

All trials and tribulations

You are the well my life springs from

The creative force that drives me

You light my way through dark dismay

Give shelter when it’s stormy

I lie awake and think of things

That could or should or might be

And then I know that if I wait

All these things then will be.

Television blaring out

Television blaring out
Tells a story never heard
An empty page staring back
A million thoughts but not one word

An offbeat rhyme
Of different length
Countless vibes
Of different strength

But always one relentless feeling
Of wasted time and patience peeling

Another day is over

Another day is over
A day devoid of soul
A day without your laughter
A dark and pitiless hole

A dry and sunbleached desert
A tree without its leaves
An empty room, the smell of doom
A soul that cries and grieves.

Look at you

Look at you and look at me
We ain’t just what we used to be
We’ve lived and loved and learnt a lot
We’ve laughed and cried and felt the pain
but through it all we’ve stayed the same